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GoPro HD Sailing Videos from on board cameras

GoPro® HD Cameras are great to record your sailing exploits for memories sake or can be used for race training purposes being mounted almost anywhere on a yacht.
Check out these examples of some great GoPro sailing videos and note camera locations and views used, then learn about the great purpose built mounts, underwater longevity, shark bite survival, remote control and even 3D video capabilities of this superb waterproof camera.

GoPro HD Camera Sailing Video Clips

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20th Century sailing videos meets the 21st Century.

These days capturing your own high quality sailing pictures and videos can be done with almost any on board camera, but recording good marine photography and video is best done with good equipment. With the days of 8mm and VHS film long gone, digital sailing images have been the norm for the best part of two decades. There are still many sailing videos online that were recorded in this dated video format, producing the low quality sailing images we were used to seeing on CRT Televisions. These videos were great at covering what happened on the water and capturing the sounds from on and off the boat with reasonable clarity for the times. Click these thumbnails to see these examples of some past racing footage including the ‘Wind’ movie.
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Moving into the 21st century has brought with it great technological leaps in sailing image quality and camera size, among many other benefits. This superior equipment has made it much easier to obtain the best images, as well as seemly endless amounts of storage space compared to the maximum 36 exposure film or three hour video cassette. Now anyone can create spectacular sailing videos from their own pocket sized device.

These days taking a digital compact or SLR camera along for the trip is commonplace as well as most mobile phones having a camera built into them. The ability to record video is also in the often complex arsenal of features that range from face recognition to arty special effects. Resolution rates have increased to now be able to get 14 mega pixels from a camera that fits in the palm of your hand, with this number increasing as this story ages. Plus for the sailing photographers out there who regularly submerge themselves and equipment, they may have to buy an underwater camera.

Top Sailors use GoPro Cameras.

Just like yacht design this new camera technology continues to get stronger, innovative and more reliable under the harshest environments. A superior example of this are the GoPro® HD Cameras; used to record top sailing events around the world as seen with these sailing clips of the Volvo Ocean Race, TP52 Audi Med Cup, Match racing and the Vestas Sailrocket sailing speed record attempt.

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Waterproof cameras come in a vast variety of flavors from the cheap underwater disposables to the full on scuba versions to record ocean floor footage. The ultimate sailing camera is a small waterproof HD camera that can record video and take photos automatically plus be strong enough to take the knocks from a few capsizes. Better still what if it didn’t need to be held with your hands to record what you are doing and even include you in the shot?

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Remote control recording of 3D HD sailing videos from your on board cameras.

Extra features include their ability to record 3D HD video with the GoPro® 3D HERO System and are a soon to be released remote control (for control of up to 50 cameras). But if you think that that is impressive the newest version, the GoPro® HD HERO2 Camera, will support live video streaming direct to the web via smart-devices and computers!

So go grab your red/blue 3D Glasses and check out these 3D GoPro videos.

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GoPro HD Camera Head Mount

GoPro HD Camera Head Mount

 Camera Mount Choices

Best of all is that this high quality waterproof HD camera can capture your athletic sailing ability through its 170deg lens while mounted almost anywhere on your boat. It can be held by a GoPro chest mount, wrist mount, head mount, helmet cam mount, suction cup mount, stanchion bar (post) mount and almost anywhere else, including the standard tripod mount. But don’t worry if the on board camera goes for a swim, unless it goes deeper than its 197’ (60m) waterproof depth, as this guy can vouch for it surviving to tell its tale.

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Capture your own sailing videos on a GoPro cameraCapture your own sailing videos on a GoPro camera

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